How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Dark Vengeance

How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Dark Vengeance

By Games Workshop

  • Release Date : 2012-09-01
  • Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
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Score: 3.0
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How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Dark Vengeance In this comprehensive painting workshop, professional army painters Steve Bowerman, Chad Mierzwa, Chris Peach and Duncan Rhodes show you how to paint all the warriors, characters and vehicles found in the Warhammer 40,000 Dark Vengeance boxed game. The techniques in this guide can be used when painting any Dark Angels Space Marines, including the famed Deathwing and Ravenwing, or Chaos Space Marines from the Crimson Slaughter Renegade Space Marine Chapter.


  • Not a guide, it's a colour chart

    By Takumiuk
    Not the best product and a bit expensive for what it is. If your looking for a detailed guide this ain't that. What it is, is a colour chart, literally showing the colours used. However there's no text. No description of the techniques used - dry brushing etc. - nor which parts of the model is painted, it's all visual with the SBS pictures. If your an experienced painter with your technique sorted and just looking for a colour guide this is for you. If your hoping for tips and help with your painting, get another guide.
  • Doesn't work

    By Swifty23508
    I bought this hoping to get some starter tips but it won't open on my iPad mini, my IMac or my iPhone 6 all of which are on the latest software. I love GW but I can only say it doesn't work so don't waste your money!!!
  • Total crap

    By Boofles knitted sack
    Not enough figures covered in the guide, this is suppose to cover two armies I bought it so I could get ideas and help for my cultist and hellbrute and to be honest I know more then it showed me. It wouldn't of cost them anymore to show how to paint all the figures step by step which is what I was expecting, if you have never picked up a brush and paint then you may find this helpful anyone else utter rubbish and waste of cash. I will be asking for a refund I'm so disappointed with the product.
  • Great item

    By RichFinegan
    This is a great painting guide in general, but when you consider that this is for the starter set to introduce people to the hobby, it goes up in use. If you're an advanced painter or a beginner, it's a useful guide. With the new paints set, and the fact that I wasn't totally familiar with the new colours and tones, not to mention how to use them completely, this was the most useful paint guide that has been released yet.
  • Terrible

    By Shane Streeting
    I read some of the other reviews, and thought that it couldn't really be that bad. It is. The skill level this guide is aimed at is beginner at best, and as such doesn't cater for those with even a modest ability at painting. A real shame.
  • Better than I expected.

    By Gary Findlay
    This painting guide is pretty good. Showing you how to paint the miniatures of the Dark Vengeance boxed set to a high table top standard. Using the same system as presented in recent white dwarfs and the new how to paint citadel miniatures book (available in hard copy format only). The photographs are high definition and the paint jobs in the illustrations are of a reasonable standard, perhaps as not to set the bar too high for procrastinating or reluctant painters. The only downsides is that games workshop seem to expect you to buy the £150 of paint needed to comply with all the various tones, with no suggested alternative (for example, by adding white to lighten a colour). As well as assuming you will buy their awful spray gun (it really is awful). Base coat with a brush instead. To round up, it does what it says on the tin. Maybe a bit less than its money for what you get (£3.99 would have been probably been about right). That being said; If you have loads of unpainted models and your paint style is time consuming, inconsistent, and you really just want to play warhammer 40k with a fully painted chaos, or dark angels army painted to a reasonably high standard, you can't go wrong with this guide.
  • Poor at best

    By Smf stoz
    This could (should) have been ace but missed out so much its poor at best. Only get this if you done know that that dark angels are green.
  • Near miss

    By Moonwatcher03
    The concept is a good one but there are some glaring omissions. Considering the cost I'd like to have seen 360 degree pictures, full colour guides for all models and certainly the inclusion of the ltd ed. chaplain. Near miss at best. A shame.
  • .

    By chaos-overlord
    Not bad but the colour scheme for the Ravenwing is wrong, the trims should be silver not gold
  • Incomplete details

    By Acedia68
    I umm'ed and ahh'ed about this product for a while, even after getting the sampler. I finally decided to pay for the download. Overall verdict - a little pricey for what you get. There is some good stuff in there and it is nice to have all the material for the Dark Vengeance kit in one place for a novice painter, however that is the problem – it isn’t all there. There are no details on painting the bases or the horns of the Hellbrute/Chosen, and that’s what I have found so far. Not really a problem if you are a veteran painter, or have other GW painting guides. The repeated painting steps for various effects are not an issue; it would have been good to see the steps on other model examples, however they could have linked the page references to take you straight to the relevant section. I liked the navigation around the document, although it took a little getting use too. They could have made more use of the electronic media format though – as mentioned elsewhere in the reviews some 360’s would have been nice. So overall some good material, but not great - they could have done more with it, hence my verdict – a little pricey for what you get.