Scams or solution?

Each week a new piece of junk mail drops through the letter box promising salvation and solutions to debt problems. Be warned though as the if the promises offered on these leaflets sound too good to be true , they probably are too good to be true. Here are some recent examples, ranging from companies which will turn unsecured consumer debts (which you could sort out yourself, which don’t put your home or liberty at risk) into loans secured on your home, so if you can’t pay you lose it, or the friendly christmas santa offering you £180 quid interest on a £300 quid loan (plus a £49.95 ‘brokerage’ fee) to the latest batch of predators offering to buy your house at a basement price, and then rent it back to you on who knows what sort of insecure tenancy agreement.





If you have any examples please email the details to info(nospam) Lets turn the tables on these exploitative scumbags who profit from peoples misery!

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