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Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay


19:30 23/04/2009

(Thurs 23rd / 7:30 / 3/2, nobody turned away due to lack of funds)

From poll tax rebellions to recession resistance

The current economic crisis has been largely created by the basic logic,
or raison d’etre, of capital, namely the requirement of bankers, corporations, and stock market speculators to always seek a profit, at any cost to others. Helped along by political misjudgements and deregulation of the financial sector. This crisis is hitting ordinary people hard as we are forced to pay for their crisis, with rising unemployment and home repossessions, cuts in pay and public services, attacks on benefits, worthless pensions and savings, and increases in poverty. But we don’t have to just sit back and take it.

19 years ago when the Tories tried to introduce the community charge, or Poll Tax, in England & Wales, they were met with a campaign of mass grassroots community resistance, in the form of anti-poll tax unions. About 17 million people refused to pay, and used a diverse range of tactics to confront the state and tax collectors. What can we learn from that campaign that could help us in the current crisis?

Come and hear from speakers including:
Danny Burns, activist & author of The
Poll Tax Rebellion (AK Press & Attack International, 1992)
& a member of the East Bristol Debtors Alliance

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