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East Bristol Debtors Alliance is a new support group for people in money trouble, so you don’t have to suffer alone. Millions of people in Britain are in trouble with money, can it really be all their individual faults? We believe we’ve all been conned into borrowing more than we can afford and that we shouldn’t be ashamed and suffer in silence. We should support each other in taking our lives back. The debt system can trap ANYONE, whatever race, age, class or background, so ALL are welcome to come along to our regular meeting sessions. Things we talk about include:

• How to prioritise debts and deal with the most urgent
• How to recognise the debt companies offering so called solutions
• Sharing information about loansharks and companies taking advantage of us when we’re at a low point of us when we’re at a low point
• Other ways we can join together and be stronger than suffering on our own own

• There will be no trained advisors, and we are not able to take on individual casework, but we can give you information to help decide what to do. If you do need to make an appointment with an official advice centre we can help you prepare for this


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