Welfare Reform, Workfare and Debt

There is an excellent article¬† in the latest issue of Varient magazine on the topic of welfare reform. Presented in the media as some sort of tough love scheme to get the ‘workshy’ off benefits and increase their self worth through ‘work’, what we actually have here are proposals to dismantle and privatise the welfare system.
That the architect of this plan is a neoliberal banker,David Freud, with no previous experience of welfare systems – who conjured up his proposals after 3 weeks of investigation – should be evidence enough of whose interests these reforms are for. The logic following the reforms are similar to what we have seen (and will certainly increasingly see) surrounding¬† that of ‘debt’. That it is of the individuals own making, and hence their own responsibility. They will sink or swim according to their own effort.

This narrative is being challenged by several groups including Edinburghs Coalition Against Poverty  and the article talks about the tactics they use, and what their aims are. It might be something that contains lessons for those involved in the struggle against debt.

Read the article here: <a href=”http://www.variant.org.uk/36texts/WelfareReform.html”></a>

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