“Telerrists”: Info needed

We’ve been hearing a few examples of people being terrorised by debt collection agencies constantly calling them, so it was interesting to see the Dispatches documentary a few days ago. Here’s C4’s website on it:


Please contact us if you are suffering from these invasions of privacy. Email us on info@eb-da.org and we will put you in touch with fellow sufferers, and also build up a picture of local evil-doers so we can rip away the anonymity they enjoy and invade THEIR privacy for a change!

Obviously it’s always good to have scum like this exposed on TV, and to share information on these ‘telerrists’ so that people can be forewarned about their underhand terror tactics.

BUT……. why did the presenter have to keep making it clear that “of course no one is saying that these debts should not be paid”?

Should Chile have paid it’s debts to the IMF, even though the money was spent by a junta that butchered those forced to repay? Should African countries have to keep up their repayments on loans made for jet fighters and gold palaces even though it means that tens of thousands die of starvation? Me and Bob Geldoff don’t agree on much, but we do agree that 3rd world debt is unjust and immoral. Should we ‘honour our debt to people like Fred Goodwin and allow him his pension? Isn’t the way that UK individuals were lent money they couldn’t afford to repay, by institutions looking to make a securitised buck out of their misery: isn’t that lending just as immoral?

Is it so crazy to demand that personal debt shouldn’t also be ‘dropped’?

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