Bailiffs: What we can do?

We recently had someone come in who a while ago had been hassled by bailiffs over Council Tax arrear. He tried to get an agreement with the council to pay it off to them, rather than the bailiffs but they weren’t interested.

The bailiffs came around, banging on the door and screaming through the letter box, threating to break in and annoying the neighbours to try and get this guy to pay more than he could afford. This, unsuprisingly over time took its tole, and he ended up becoming ill and claiming benefits. He called the council again to complain and to explain he was on benefits and could he sort it out directly with them, and that the bailiffs were making him ill.

They didn’t believe him, and it took a doctors note in the end to pressure them into accepting an arrangement and calling off the bailiffs.

So, then our friend had several points to make:

  • Bailiffs use your neighbours as a weapon against you. This is unacceptable when it could so easily be the other way around
  • Councils should accept peoples version of events as true by default – not the other way around. Especially if it involves violence and intimidation.
  • What exactly is the relationship between the BCC and bailiffs? Who are they? What is the terms of their contract? How many complaints have been raised against them? Are complaints even formally recorded?

With this in mind we are asking people who have had recent experience with bailiffs or info on the above to email or call us. We intend to compile an article on this, to help people plan further actions.

In the meantime here is some basic info on what to do if you are worried about bailiffs, or if they are harassing you, and how to complain so they start to be held accountable:

Complaining about bailiffs:

We also are getting a crew of people ready to respond to call outs for help, call or text:

07878 384439


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